Mission In Black play their own unique mix between traditional and modern melodic thrash metal. A blend of neckbreaking riffs, harmonic guitar-leads, clean and brutal vocals, unrestrained drive and agression is what makes Mission In Black a band with an explosive metal toughness and epic depth.

Founding year: 2010

Founding members: Andy Flache, Daniel Tschoepe, Martin Grimm, Hannes Jäger

Demo 2011: Black Infect

Music video 2012: Legendary Drunk

Played shows with bands like Brainstorm and Mystic Prophecy, headlined the Shady Side Festival.

Hannes and Martin left the band in 2013/2014 due to their jobs and to spend more time with their families. Andy (drums) and Daniel (lead guitar) kept making music and finally recorded the first full-length album with the singer Becky Gaber in 2017. The album is called „Anthems Of A Dying Breed“. Martin and Hannes also were present to record the album.

For the release of the album and the upcoming shows Mission In Black had to be reformed. With new band members Steffi Stuber (vocals), Fabian Guist (bass) and Yannick Hartlieb (guitar) they started touring recklessly.

In May 2018 their debut album „Anthems Of A Dying Breed“ was published worldwide via El Puerto Records. Shortly after that, they also released the official music video for the song „Welcome The Apocalypse“. In liveshows all around Europe with bands like Brainstorm, Mob Rules, Undertow, Majetsy, Rebellion, Maxxwell, Bloodlost and Bridear, Mission In Black have proven that they’re able to to rock the stage and blow the crowds away.

In November 2018 the band once again came back to Andy Classen‘s Stage One Studio, to re-record a few songs of their debut album with the powerfull voice of Steffi.The songs will be available at the beginning of 2019. There also is another music video in the making so stay tuned.